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Hi Greenzoners! Did you reading our last post about drugs? More and more people are giving some thought to the association of bacteria newly coming into existence which can contribute to improve the medical condition of many people and help them fight cancer, which more and more the toll is gathering together.


Hi Greens! Do you want read something more about new article? Here it is for you! But firtst, you should check our last post about insuline and options of lower resistance of this substance here.  If you are ill certainly  you will appreciate such a kindness as medicines. But you rarely realize, around the old pills can originate the new antibiotic.


Hello Greenzoners! Do you want reading something new about Nicotine? Check it! Today we will talking about human health. Today we will address an issue of how effectively to lower the insulin level in organism. Are you interested in? Check our article below.


Hi Greenzoner guys! We want to remember you our last text about Tanzania. Are you ready now for new blog post? Are you ready for new post this time? We had for you new post about nicotine and her influence on humans & animals! Check it below now!


Globertrotter: Tanzania this time!

September 12th, 2014

Hello Greenzoners! Sometimes when you are smoking cigarettes a probability that your child will have asthma exists. You will read about it in this article HERE. Today however we will bring other subject up a little bit. Tanzania is famous for a unique nature and predatory animals, of which the daily living is endangered.


Smoking harms the child!

September 8th, 2014

Hi all Greenzoners! Do you reading our last post about rabbits? If not, just click. Today we have new post for you about harmful smoking and about effects they cause which at children! If you are smoking before the conception of the child a higher probability exists, around your child will fall ill with asthma and can have a serious problem with the respiration.

This way they are establishing the newest researches, therefore better to keep away from cigarettes. According to examinations very much a close relationship exists between burning the parent and appearing at the child of asthma in a young age. On that account parents which are planning pregnancy should not decide for the cigarette smoking or to the child, if aren’t able to resign from them. Asthma is a major disease, for which effects are often underestimated very much. Similarly to smoking by the child. Very much it is easy for illness when you are smoking in his presence, therefore best entirely to resign from this harmful addiction.It is worthwhile knowing when to tell oneself alloy and kicking a habit once and for all in order to be sure that your child will be healthy. Let it will be a warning for all parents which have or are planning the child. It is not only huge air pollution, but above all consequences in the form of the bad child’s health.

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Hi all! Do you want to know something about quality of air? If yes, read our last article here. Wild rabbits don’t most often live in better conditions, so if so you will catch and you at home will certainly lock him up getting used to new conditions will be very difficult for it. Moreover wild rabbit are a very great risk, since have a lot of serious illnesses which they can transfer to people.



More and more people are deciding to seek animals in forests and remote places which don’t have a market of the best possible conditions for the development of such an animals. Also white rabbits belong to them. If you care about the contact with the wild animal – you must demonstrate the carefulness and take into account, that they can be ill from major diseases so as rabies. If infected rabbit will bite you a high probability that it is an irreversible process, which is no medicine missing exists. Therefore communing with such wild rabbit is so careful and dangerous. A bigger mildness, a freedom, as well as the fact that they aren’t usually biting persons are singling domestic animals out, in which for environment are staying. However wild rabbits are very dangerous. Wild rabbits are an object of examinations of many scientists incessantly. Therefore better to keep away from them.

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Dear Greenzoners! Do you rembember our article about rabies virus? Here you can reading about this disease! This time we thinking about quality of air! Every man should consider, that the contamination of air grows every year as a result of the exhaust fumes of motor, as well as various pollutants coming from factories. Now in order entirely to liquidate pollutants is very difficult, although it is for doing.

Majority of streets, parks, not to say petrol stations in cities these are places about the increased risk. Very much many pollutants are found in it is them. It was a better solution so that were aimed at regular making measurements determining the degree of appearing pollutants and sending such information to the appropriate unit. In this way scientists could limit the release of pollutants.Creating the special office which will deal with analyses will be a better solution in pollutants of air and will minimize the risk of coming into existence next.Thanks to answers thought over such an office should be located in every state. Moreover the European Environment Agency is doing a everything in order to provide the fresh air for people and to minimize the risk of next pollutants. It is very important, therefore more and more people are deciding to care about ecology believing that it is good for them alone and of nature.

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