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Dangers: sea animals

July 30th, 2015

Hello all! Can you check our post about plants here?More and more people are deciding on the travel to exotic countries. And you? Do you love sea and sea animals?


Tests on animals

July 23rd, 2015

Hi Greenz! How are you? Check our prev post here. Tests on animals every year are a real worry for many companies. Many owners of businesses are using animals to it what potential to check and what quality products which are being produced by them have.


Big city life and ecology

July 13th, 2015

Hi all!. Check this article about polar bears. Every major city is generating vast quantities of pollutants within one year. This better solution isn’t neither for people neither for ecology.

Big City Life Praying For Redempion


Hi all! Check our previous post about infections here.Today I have got for you someting new! Post about alternative medicine and the power of it! Amazing, isn’t it?


Risk of infections

June 1st, 2015

Hi! Have you seen our post about rarely butterflies here? Nowadays we are often in contact with a nature. We can fully use everything, in ‘that’ best. But if we have a contact with the animals we can also become infected.


Bad blood circulation

May 21st, 2015

Hello all! Check my post about camels. This time I have  got for you somthing different. How is your blood circulation? Good or bad? Bad blood circulation is a huge problem for our health. Check more informations below!



April 27th, 2015

Hi all! Did you remember our post about visiting old towns.  We have today new post about allergies. The spring is really difficult for persons which have allergy and are fighting with them since the long time.

Pollens of flowers as well as many other reasons most often cause allergy. In spite of the fact that still doctors are trying to care for patients with allergy she often returns and causes that the organism is defenceless.Allergies are really serious and the generality of people which is making up its mind for the resignation from the treatment can have health serious consequences then really.  Everything what you can do is very important to it health really. Do it today and don’t wait. Take care of your health so that your organism far better bears allergies. So let’s start today and doing all for your health! Not for a year. Today!

More info about allergies:


April 9th, 2015

Hi all! Chec our post about rats! Many people are fighting from troublesome and difficult to defeat with headache. Migraines are nothing pleasant and if they too often appear namely that we must do appropriate researches.


About rats!

April 7th, 2015

Hi all! Did you remember our last post about HIV? Check it here. On the planet we have a lots of animals but rats are the most awful animals ever. Do you agree with this? Read new post about their life!



April 2nd, 2015

Hi all! Do you want know more info about ecology? Click here. In the world every year because of the HIV million people die. Some even don’t know that they are infected. They aren’t doing examinations, are avoiding doctors and are trying to live normally.