Animals at home…

March 30th, 2015

Hi all! Check our post about poverty. Worldwide people don’t respect animals and when for them will get bored are able to turn them out of the house. It isn’t a better solution and we should condemn such behaviours, whenever we see something like that.

If we have animals and we are wanting what’s best for them, but a time is coming, that we need to part with them far better to return them to the hostel than to throw away in the street. Animals need the care and not always are able to advise themselves. Moreover it is worthwhile remembering that turning them out of the house is really bad and dangerous. In the end it is exposing animals to the certain death – they can die of starvation or be knocked down by the car. The generality of people isn’t guided by their good sentencing them to such dangers. Many of them assume that animals will certainly advise themselves and will survive. It is horrible. So, if you will see the animal in the street immediately return them to the animal sanctuary, where will have a provided appropriate care.

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