Animals living in Madagascar

November 5th, 2014

Hi green folks! Did you read our post about fires? Are you interested in our new post? We hope so! Today we would sharing some news about lemurs living on Madagascar. Check our news so that you’ll know everything about lemurs!

The nature of Madagascar is really delightful and animals which are inhabiting this beautiful island are still more delightful. Lemures belong to them. However on account of huge pollutants their kind is very endangered and these short creatures can not have generally speaking chance of spending consecutive years. Rainforests which are on an island are often sheltering for lemur, but also contain many poisonous fruits. Eating them is for lemures fatal and to check won’t spend the a few following years. Therefore all seeds from these trees should be provided with the particular protection so that lemures can eat healthily and not eat harmful fruits.

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