Eco News #14 – Tropical species adapting to Global Warming

August 19th, 2012

Recently we spoke of fish adapting to changing climate, as well as coral reefs. Now about tropical species.
Those species, that used to live in warm, humid areas, like lizards or insects are ectotherms – animals that require heat from environment to prosper correctly. That makes them dependent of temperature, which means – changing  temperature would cause harm to them.


Dr Richard Walters carried out a research at the University of Zurich, in which he tried to find out if changing climate can lead tropical species into extinction. Results were… positively surprising. 🙂
Ectotherms somehow are able to adapt to changing environment. Well, first ones that will experience global warming at its finest will probably suffer most (until they move away), but their offspring will be more resistant to different climate conditions.  What’s more, over the generations, the species will evolve completely adapted, which may even make them fitter (because of higher temperature).

For now, the biggest question is, how long would it take for these animals to adapt during the fist waves of heat, and if they manage to move to other, more comfortable area.

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