EcoNews: eco-friendly science project?

August 15th, 2013

Not sure if this project was eco-friendly, but  green – no doubt. Very special bunnies were born this month in a lab at the University of Istanbul. In the daylight those little rabbits look normal and very cute, but in the darkness….

… they are glowing bright fluorescent green. How is it possible?

Scientists gave the rabbits their glow by inserting a gene for a jellyfish protein into their genomes in a process called transgenesis. According to scientists: the protein does not hurt the rabbits.

It looks too crazy to believe that it is really safe for bunnies, but ok…

Why did scientists do it?

It will help to make pharmaceutical production extremely cost-effective. It is not first project with green animals and not the last one. “Right now we have 10 pregnant sheep, and we hope that 25% of the babies glow green – maybe two or three of them” – said Stefan Moisyadi, an associate professor at the University of Hawaii Manoa who worked with the Turkish team.

Eco-friendly or not, what do you think about it?

Very good context for our: Keep green:)!

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