Green news about somebody famous:)

February 13th, 2014

Hello GreenZoners,

do you know this guy? Yes, he is a famous action movie star! But not only: we have some important green info about Jackie Chan!

Jackie Chan is an ambassador for the US charity WildAid!

Few days ago he was speaking in London to launch a new primetime advertising campaign that will air on China’s main channel and aims to persuade Chinese consumers to stop buying rhino horn. Chan compared the generational change in Chinese views on ivory consumption to the shift that had taken place in younger Chinese people against smoking.

“People in China, the world’s biggest market for ivory and other illegal wildlife parts, had turned against the products in the past five years”, he told the Guardian.

We also believe that people are changing and they are no more against ecology and environment. So good to know that eco lifestyle is important for famous people!

This new movie with Jackie Chan you can watch HERE.

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    that was good infos

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    This is very cool

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    thank you

  4. djaaroun says:

    that was good infos

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