Let’s talk about the Lemur

January 22nd, 2016

The Lemurs popularity has increased significantly after the premiere of Madagascar movies. King Julien is smart, confident and fantastic Lord. We checked how does look like lemur’s real life.black and white lemur

Introduction to Lemurs

There are many interesting facts about the Lemur that you probably want to know. They can help you to have a new appreciation for these incredible animals. The Lemur is the smallest of all primates. There are a lot of people that don’t even realize that this animals belong to this particular type.  There are many different species of Lemurs. You can find information about the Alaotran Gentle Lemur, the  Indri Lemur, Black and White Ruffed Lemur, Red Ruffed Lemur, and the Ring Tailed Lemur.

Their weights is about 2.2 kg but the smallest one of Lemur weights about 30 grams.

In the early evolution we can see that they were as large as an adult gorilla. It is based on fossil remains that are millions of years old. The current size the Lemur’s smaller because they need to adapt to living in the trees and to rely on less food to survive. They are native of Madagascar. We can also find them at Comodro Island.

Each legend has the grain of truth…

The meaning of word “Lemur” is spirits of the night. This is associated with many legends. One of them sounds like a Father calling for his lost son.  This story goes that a man was hunting in the forest.  When he didn’t return, his worried son went into the forest after him.  Next day by morning when they had not returned to the Village the Villagers went looking for them. They found 2 Indri Lemur sitting in a tree calling out.

Another  legend tells of 2 brothers who loved each other dearly. One of them had a desire to have more, be more and make more! Brother set off to go and build homes.  That is the brother who later become the Human. Second one stayed in the forest remained the Indri Lemur and the call of the Lemur is now crying of the brother who stayed behind. Now he is mourning his brother who became the Human.

The next legend is about a young boy who went to collect some honey in the forest. After climbing on the tree, bees attacked and sting him. He felt but an Indri Lemur caught the boy. Next carried him back to the  village and away from the bees. The Lemur saved human being.

You will find a lot of stories about Lemurs in Roman Mythology. Some of the stories portray them as good spirits. Other one portray them as something that should be avoided.

How do they live?

The Lemurs are very social. They live in family groups. The most respect and dominance are females. The approximate life span of a Lemur is about 18 years in the wild. More than half of all baby Lemurs die before 2 years of age. After a couple of weeks after birth the young will be carried around in their mother’s mouth.

The Lemurs eat fruits and nuts which they find in on the ground  or the trees. They also do not despise small insects. They have seasonal times of the year when they are able to find enough food. When there is not enough products to eat they will either slow down their metabolism or hibernate. They are the only type of primate that is known to hibernate.

As you can see Lemur is really smart so King Julies is. 🙂 Here you can see how they are living in the Reid Park Zoo – life broadcast. Next part showing how they love look good – Brushing Slow Loris. Just look in those eyes … 🙂


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