Life of kangaroos endangered. Aborigines are preparing for hunts!

August 11th, 2014

Hi Greenzoners! Did you read the recent our article about climate changes? Today it’s time for something other issue! We will meet with kangaroos in Australia and we will be keeping up with their fates. And although kangaroos are very agile and beautiful animals, their life is endangered… by aborigines.

The Australian tribe of Martu Aborigines regards the hunt of kangaroos as something obvious and natural, therefore know no bounds, if are starting the hunt exactly of these animals with the help of fiery arrows. It is not only shocking, but also enough worrying. For aborigines of course this situation is completely different, looking from their point of view. Above all the tradition of the hunt of kangaroos dates back over 2000 to years. According to scientists poor chances of ceasing by aborigines the that kind of activity exist. Above all the majority of scientists thinks that it is contributing to the lack of the stability of many ecosystems. Additionally such practice will certainly still for many years last, since it is already tradition.In spite of the fact that aborigines are trying to celebrate own traditions and often regard them as something obvious and important for it surroundings they don’t realize, how it has great consequences in fact for the environment. Such hunts cause that species of animals are really endangered and above all a sequence of other factors is taking place. We as settling people in Australia can do a lot for the environment, but everything will depend on our commitment. If we will be witnesses of such hunts it is worthwhile reprimanding aborigines and doing everything in order to rescue the life for many kangaroos.

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