Peoples throwing animals away!

December 15th, 2014

Hello Green guys! Are you ready for new post about animals? If you read our prev post about cigarette smoke, you can read next! Almost every day from various reasons people turn animals out of the house not providing the house for them and risking the fact that they can not advise themselves.

Throwing animals on streets or rivers is not only horrible problem in nowadays, but also unlawful. Animals can be tortured through other, to be hungry and what’s more to die if we are turning them out of the house, when are small. Not every animal is able to advise oneself, therefore reproaching animals is way simple for people for the brush-off of them. Often when we are making up our mind for the purchase of the dog or the cat or other animal duties are surpassing us or we have time too little to take care of the favourite. Then we are deciding to turn him out of the house. Before you do it, think about it twice and think about the life of your animal. Better to return it to the hostel for animals than to let him wander all over world alone.

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