Pollutans on beaches

March 22nd, 2015

Hi  all! Did you remember our post about rubbishes?  Every year after holidays on beaches  is a lot of rubbish and seas more are polluted than usually. What is it caused with?

With the fact that more and more people aren’t caring for the environment what is horrible! If you are staying on the beach and you don’t know how to care for one’s pieces of rubbish don’t decide on simple paces and don’t throw them into the sea because you are causing sea animals ghastly injustice. Pollutants are really harmful for many sea animals. And we really are disregarding it. Instead of to throw pieces of rubbish into the sea take them from the beach and do something beneficial for the environmental circle.

More info: http://www.serviceexpertsdaytona.com/indoor-air-quality/air-pollutants-we-can-help

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