Rubbish in mountains

August 20th, 2015

Hello all! Did you remember our post about travel to Safari? Today we have other theme! Tourists which love mountains often wander and aren’t keeping an eye on it, that this place is slowly becoming a garbage dump.

Such situations shouldn’t generally happen. Unfortunately the majority of tourists isn’t caring about ecology and mountains. Many of them think that one piece of rubbish isn’t significant. Mountains should be beautiful, but if still will be found in their area this rubbish in the end will stop being attractive for tourists. If you like mountain’s walks and you want to do something good for ecology remember about the fact that one isn’t allowed to make a mess in the mountains. If you will be witnessing, that somebody isn’t caring about the beauty of mountains – it will be enough, that to pay attention. Always keep things in order when you are staying in the mountains and reprimand other tourists!


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