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Watch out for fire!

November 3rd, 2014

Hi Greenzoners! Did you remember our previous post about untypical plants? Today we talking about fire! Are you interested in? More and more we are dealing with multiple fires, which cause a lot of damage around the world.


Do you remember our last post in July about sweet hummingbirds? If not, just check it here and catch up! Do you know that the sudden climate change can cause too much threats to our planet? If you already know, how very much it can be dangerous you should not too long with it drag it off. Take action immediately which will help our planet. What is going on with our climate?!

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Hello GreenZoners,

mystery of history: who did say those words? There is a lot of answers. Probably it was Moses Henry Cass – Australian Minister for the Environment and Conservationn in 1974.

But… what if he just said “Native American Proverb”?We can find “Native American Proverb” as a source of this sentence.

Guys, it doesn’t really matter: the most important is wisdom of this words. This is probably the most famous quote about an ecology.


Found on web: Weeping Earth

February 1st, 2013

Weeping Earth

Beautiful Patagonia

November 25th, 2012

Patagonia, Argentina
Patagonia, Argentina
Photo by Carlos Montalbano

Hi Greenzoners! Any one of you is into astronomy? 😉

A planet that could sustain life was just discovered. It’s called HD 40307G and is located in a “habitable zone” – that is in area, where the planet is not too close or too far from its sun, so that liquid water can exist.