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Secrets of Koala’s life…

April 28th, 2015

Hi all! Yesterday we published post about allergies, but today we want to sharing with you our secrets of Koala’s life. Sounds perfect? Koala have a very peculiar lifestyle.

They like the solitude and only sometimes have a need of spending time with their parents. They adore to spend a lot of time on trees and practically are never going down from them. They are feeding on eucalypti and live 20 years. Big the koala is eating as many as 1 kg of leaves within the organism is producing one day and a lots of energy. Koalas are these are protected animals, therefore they are forbidding to take them out of their country. Animals very much quickly are ripening and not only solitudes need surviving, but also the help in the learning on the part of parents. In contacts with people they are really difficult, therefore better not to accost them.

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Globertrotter: Tanzania this time!

September 12th, 2014

Hello Greenzoners! Sometimes when you are smoking cigarettes a probability that your child will have asthma exists. You will read about it in this article HERE. Today however we will bring other subject up a little bit. Tanzania is famous for a unique nature and predatory animals, of which the daily living is endangered.


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