Taking animals away!

July 20th, 2015

Hi all! Check our post about inscents here. Today’s problem is taking animals away. There is one animal blown away every a few minutes in the world. People are kidnapping them from various reasons: for sale, for oneself or for kill them.

Day after day worldwide people steal animals. From in front of shops, from in front of houses not to say from their hostels. It is a real plague. Nobody is approving the such behaviour, al a fight against it is a real nightmare.If animals which are staying kidnapped they are dying or are thrown in the street it isn’t a good-for-nothing. The fact that such a phenomenon unfortunately is growing stronger is a huge danger. And really it is hard to believe the fact that people prefer not to butt in. This matter is very important, because one day your animal come to love can be stolen and in a few weeks you will find him in the street. Therefore help other people to find them!

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