The fisheries management affects the climate change harmfully

October 26th, 2014

Hello all! Are you missed our our new post? I think so! But now I want to say, that you should reading our last post about experiments in our environment here! So, today we would sharing with all of you a big problem about  the fisheries management.

For many years the fishing economy applies principles which are exposing our climate to a lot of losses. Fishing in prohibited places and numerous of air pollution never mind at consequences of many health people.Fishing grounds particularly the ones illegal they are contributing to impair the climate and all at the same time are creating a lot of undesirable side effects, through as follows many unpleasant consequences. Not only a medical condition of many people is deteriorating because the gauge of polluted air is twice higher than usually, but also a condition of many forest circles is abating. Reducing the fisheries management to the appropriate minimum can much improve the situation of world and limit the broadcasting of harmful substances. Therefore if you are fishing – remember about the environmental protection!

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