July 27th, 2011

Breathe in…
Do you know what smells so wonderful? It is fresh and clean air provided by the trees we planted. They grow thanks to you!

BTW Do you know what the number that we started with means? This is the number of days you have been working on the project “Weather” and “GZ Blogs” without our supervision.
You are amazing!
You are the BEST! Your commitment make me believe that the world may be a better place.
Greenzoner society HAS BEEN MAKING world a better place.

Now we summing up activities of yours blogs – stay tuned!
Final showdown is coming!

Loyal greenzoner users will soon be rewarded.

Surprise is so close…

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21 Responses to “218”

  1. Andruk says:

    Finally you posted again! I missed you guys

  2. Andrik says:

    I’m glad you’re here, with new surprises really. I love to help the planet this way, keep well, they really want …

  3. Nhantran says:

    I’ve waited 7 months to see you guys post somethings again! 🙂

  4. Timka says:

    But how about new redemptions on GZ?

  5. pukea says:

    Admin – the surprise is only for users that own a blog or for all active users?

  6. abdeslam says:

    gracias para recuperar la vida de greenzoner ;D, estoy esperando la sorpresa tengo mas de 6926 EEP. espero tener la suerte de ganar una ps3 o psp

  7. Spiderman2008 says:

    We have wait a redemption so long…

  8. inácio says:

    vist my blog and coment http://greenzonerportugal.blogspot.com/ and coment

  9. Spiderman2008 says:

    more prize like Iphone???

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