Final showdown

July 29th, 2011

GZblogers, are you ready?





– You must take code from this website and put it on yours blog.  In place with “PUT_YOUR_BLOG_ADDRESS_HERE” inscription you must put your blog address without “http://” protocol.

For example:  “” is correct but “” is incorrect.

– You must actualize your blog.

– You must activate your users.

You have seven days to do all this work. After this time we will choose the best 20 GZBlogs.

Award: 500 EEP & 50 invitations !

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18 Responses to “Final showdown”

  1. pukea says:

    That”s all?
    What about other users?

  2. VIK says:

    What about other users who haven’t blog?

  3. Paul chester says:

    done 🙂

  4. Max says:

    I think i finished.. now need to wait 7 days)

  5. Ditjon Lushaj says:

    my blog is ready now i just have to send to u

  6. inácio says:

    vist my blog and coment and coment

  7. nickelo says:

    It’s okay, but the only gifts are 500 EEP & 50 invitations?

    Fffuuu… I waited for some electronics.

  8. Bookmarked your post to stumbleupon!…

    Great post. I subscribed to your rss….

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