About penguins life!

August 18th, 2014

Hi Greenzoners! Are you interested in animals life? Do you remember our last post about wind power? This time we have for you something different. Penguins live very much peculiar and so that can live farther must have ensured appropriate conditions for the development. Above all one should concentrate on so that it comes into existence as fewest pollutants in oceans and on coasts, because it is they are an one among many of threats to the population of penguins.

To in order to provide the better protection for penguins creating peculiar sea areas which will be protected from pollutants is the best way and of many other dangerous factors. Then penguins, although a little bit they will be separated, will be able to also live far better than now. Populations of penguins drastically fell last year on account of the huge indicator of pollution. In such conditions penguins cannot develop according to their purpose. It is worthwhile so seeing to it  about them a bit and taking into account, that these animals have specific needs. Independently they aren’t able to manage with such threats as pollutants, halves or many other misbehaviours on the part of the peoples. The generality of people thinks that the per cent of pollutants is rising and it just causes poisonings, illnesses of penguins with which they must fight. Some however they don’t have so much power and it is for them the maximum level of threat. Therefore one should just take into account other behaviours, thanks to which it is possible to help penguins.

More info: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/08/140806102808.htm

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