Animal news: about sea lions and seals

August 21st, 2014

Hello everyone! Do you remember story about penquins? If not, just check it out here! Today we would taking about other animals…sea animals! Are you ready?! Here we go! From the university Arizona regards many scientists, that sea lions and seals are contributing to diffuse tuberculosis what can be very vexing for people. It is a great threat, if it is indeed a truth…

Tuberculosis is very much a major disease which is fatal and they are starting with ordinary infection. Persons which to it are infected don’t have many prospects for the future. Every year according to new surveys this illness collects the toll in the form of two million mortals worldwide. A question is arising: how to survive amongst this many threats? The reply could be very straight: to avoid sea lions and seals which can be carriers of this illness. In spite of many examinations still out of nowhere tuberculosis comes and what reasons for for her coming into existence are. It is known only can show himself to be infection which isn’t giving the market of great chances of surviving to the infected man. According to many examinations it is leaving to the fact that this illness had its beginning in Africa and began from sea lions which are very sickly animals about the lowered resistance. These are exactly they with tourists and simultaneously moved their travels illness to South America which in the end was also in Europe. It is very much a difficult situation not only for people, but also for animals which should be separated from people and above all steels under the care of the veterinary surgeon. From the other side the risk is huge!

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