Are you a traveller?

January 7th, 2015

Hi guys! It’s time to thinking about your travels in last years… Are you a traveller? But firstly, you should check our prev post about potential of wind power stations! If yes, you should read our post about dangers in travelling. Are you ready for this?

Travelling alone all over the entire world you must incessantly be prepared to unpredictable events so like thefts, rapes, frauds or even a kidnap attempts. Therefore always travelling in the group is the safest termination. With time, when you don’t have such a possibility well is to have on one adequate tools which can save your life – for example: the stun gun or the bottle of watering gas. Without these things you dont’ even set off on the route. You must know that a theft of the wallet is a little crime compared with kidnapping or becoming a victim of the trade of organs. Therefore have your eyes wide open, because can happen, that dangers is more close than you thinking. If you a traveller abroad you must thinking about all issues and dangers BEFORE! Easy-peasy! It is worthwhile paying attention to pickpockets! Avoid crowded places and situations, in which your attention can be put to sleep. Try also to avoid remote places and don’t travel alone after the dusk, particularly if you don’t know the city!

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