Big problems in Oklahoma

July 7th, 2014

Hello dear Greenzoners visitors! Did you know about new our last review about side effects of climate change? Click here for more informations! Are you ready for some news from Greenzoner blog? This time will be about Oklahoma problems…

Oklahoma wastewater injection

Oklahoma has serious problems caused by a lot of earthquakes which were recorded in the recent time. Such phenomens are acting to the disadvantage of people, but above all are an intense environmental risk. In relation to their address the city is contending with the exaggerated dehydration and simultaneously a problem is trying effectively to defeat contaminations. The seismic activity on this area certainly isn’t acting to the benefit for city. In 2008 this indicator didn’t cause anxieties, however in the course of years gwałtowanie grew, what also dangerous earthquakes appeared, by of which the number expanded to 230. It’s an interesting point that examinations showed that many possibilities which will cause that the phenomenon of appearing of earthquakes will reduce existed. For that purpose essential experiments, being aimed at checking whether indeed the possibility of minimizing threats exists were conducted. Drilling in the earth in search for petroleum was supposed to prevent coming into existence of another revolutions, although wasn’t the best exit for the protection of our environment.

Therefore for them greater risk of earthquakes in Oklahoma with it also considerable risks for the nature.

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