Pollutants and other factors are changing the Coral reef

July 10th, 2014

Hello GZ Fans! Do you remember problems in Oklahoma? Every year million of tourists attract the Caribbean which want to see their beauty with one’s own eyes. From the moment of winning their popularity they stood out with the fact that they had  a very trim environment and were protected. This situation changed through certain factors…


To the disadvantage not only pressure, but also too frequent fishings and huge inshore pollutants serve beautiful Caribs. These are own they are dangerous to these surroundings. Such a situation caused that they were enduring not only animals, but also the flora. As a result of growing pollutants of the Caribbean Sea it died in it thousands of animals! Really the shocking result, and yet people still excessively are catching it and aren’t caring about the environment. Everything depends on government’s decisions, but very much to these problems a strengthened environmental protection, a ban on the exaggerated fishing and a better tourism would be a better solution. If we want to be pleased still with Caribs how from the fairy-tale paradise we must together see to it  for their future.For this reason an increase in the awareness is so substantial in human minds about threats to the situation on the Caribbean.

We must together care about the environment and cause as fewest pollutants.Then we will provide not only better conditions for this place, but also alone we will be satisfied being able to contribute to improve them.

More info: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/overfishing-and-pollution-kill-more-corals-than-climate-change/

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