April 26th, 2017

Biodiversity can lead modern agriculture to the success.

Without agricural cultivation people will lose very important source of food. That is the source we can’t replace by anything else. We have to do everything we can, to enrich cultivation and keep the environment.

In modern ecological agriculture, we want to come back to times,
when man and his environment lived together in perfect harmony. When agriculture coexisted with natural ecosystem, included microorganisms, plants and animals.


Biodiversity should be understanded as biological plurality in plants, animals and microorganisms and genetical variability of each species and ecosystems.

On Earth Summit 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, 154 countries accepted Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD). It is the international agreement which defines principles about protection, multiplication and usage of biodiversity. The CBD is main document which determines the goals of local and international politics.

Scientists assessed that without governmental support and with negligence of international conventions, more than 20% species living on Earth, will die before 2020.

Current agricultural and forestry trends leads to degradation of species and ecosystems.

For example, years ago in India 30 000 different types of rice were farmed. Nowadays, on account of consumption usefulness it is only 10%. And it happens in every country on Earth.

Without biodiversity soil goes to waste.


Biodiversity is counteracting erosion and it has positive influence to whole ecosystem, soil microfauna included.

If we want to contract soil waste and yields decreasing, we need to bulid farms with biological plurality. Enriching agriculture should improve biodiversity. For example, we can make habitats for different kinds of blooming plants on the margin of agricultural field. That will attract bees so they can pollinate growing plants.

Sections with lots of plants will attract insectivorous birds so they can protect agriculture from insects that can destroy our agriculture.

Research in 2012 in small village Pągów (Poland) showed that using different types of bloomming plants can attract useful organisms. Researchers provided that biodiversity attracts bees- farming and wild both, bumblebees and other insects which can fight against parasites. And its on the most ecological way. Without using toxic pesticides.

In the end we can tell, that blooming plants blend is very important element on ecological infrastructure of farms.

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