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April 26th, 2017

Biodiversity can lead modern agriculture to the success.

Without agricural cultivation people will lose very important source of food. That is the source we can’t replace by anything else. We have to do everything we can, to enrich cultivation and keep the environment.

In modern ecological agriculture, we want to come back to times,
when man and his environment lived together in perfect harmony. When agriculture coexisted with natural ecosystem, included microorganisms, plants and animals.



This time, picture taken in Russia, in a place called Tver. Sent by user AndreySD2 – thank you very much!

Spring in Russia
Still waiting for more photos. Show how picturesque is our gzWorld! 😀

Hello Greenzoners! 😀 recycling centre

Question for today is… do you recycle? If you don’t… well, start. Sooner or later Earth will be grateful. If you do recycle (or want to start), we found some nice and useful tips. 😉 (more…)

EEP Facebook problem fix

April 10th, 2012

Hello, Greenzoners! 🙂

Recently we received many complaints about not getting EEP for liking Greenzoner’s profile on Facebook. Now we believe it is fixed, so go to Facebook, click “Like it!” and join our GzWorld community. If it still doesn’t work – please, send us e-mails. 😉