Calcification – serious problem of oceans?

July 24th, 2014

Hello Greenzoners fans! Do you remember our last post about yellow ants? Many beliefs which they are propagating exist that exaggerated calcium in oceans it is a harmful phenomenon. However without it marine animals so how starfishes, molluscs and beads wouldn’t have chances of surviving.

On account of the fact that all oceans in the world are getting the highest temperature and animals ensured appropriate conditions have it to the life it is worthwhile taking into account, that the environment of oceans is also more acid. More carbon dioxide is also created what causes these changes in oceans. With time according to many various examinations they discovered that the calcification in oceans had occurred spontaneously. In a way it supported the diversity, but also many other factors affected it. However it is worthwhile taking into account, that souring oceans is supporting the lowered value of minerals which are very important for the majority of oceans. So that systematically monitor this situation and make up one’s mind for applying important factors which will help our circle is very important and will improve the situation of many oceans.Certainly when we find more time for dealing with many tasks we will be able to have our small contribution to the aid for oceans.According to new surveys some organisms of animals can be particularly sensitive to the presence of calcium in oceans. Therefore caring about the environment, as well as regular cleaning areas and cleaning edges are making advances in order to avoid unpredictable situations which could threaten animals.

In the immediate future many valuable examinations which will still be aimed at a better protection of these oceans will occur and above all of animals which every day in them exist.

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