Plague of yellow ants threatening forests!

July 21st, 2014

Hi Greenzoners! Do you want to know more about fluorescent gunk? If yes, check it here! According to official rankings yellow ants are ones of the most dangerous kinds which constitute a considerable risk really for the majority of islands. They were put on a list UNESCO and can threaten natural ecology in forests on Seychelles. What is really alarming.

Yellow Ants

It’s an interesting point that these ants are also threatening many other species of animals which are found in islands, what it is worthwhile remembering about, if we are going on a long journey. It is very important for everyone which don’t want then to battle against serious illnesses. Yellow ants can cause the death of natural species of animals, disorders of ecology, as well as the detrimental action for plants and individual seeds. It is worthwhile taking into account, that if forests will stay endangered by the attack by yellow ants then will certainly never again be able to return to the primaeval state. Therefore human actions which are aimed at a protection of their naturalness are so significant. Yellow ants mean this phenomenon from which very much it is hard to save forest which he is embracing part of the surfaces. However as soon as discovered modern protection methods will stay certainly it will be very straight and above all an ensured fast protection will remain for animals and the environment.

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