Closer and closer to Social Contest, and some additional information

February 8th, 2012

Hello, Greenzoners! 😀

We have some news for you about Social and Blog contests and about problems with Facebook.

We are reminding you that we are still open to your propositions of social sites for the upcoming Social Contest. Just send as an e-mail via contact form. Your e-mail must contain site’s address, some example of profile on that site and basic informations. Remember that only already existing sites with certain amount of users (and appropriate category) will be taken into consideration.
For now, list is as follows:

In addition, we have some more information for you.

About problem with charging EEP after liking GreenZoner’s profile on Facebook or Twitter – we are working on it now, so it can take some time, but after everything is fixed, your EEP will be granted. 🙂

Many of you also had questions about Blog Contest, mostly about translating and posting all older blog news.
You don’t have to translate all older posts, our requirements are to have translated posts from gzDay 579 and upload newer posts regularly.

Good luck to everyone! 😀

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6 Responses to “Closer and closer to Social Contest, and some additional information”

  1. Timka says:

    When will the blog contest begin?

    I sent a letter, but you did not answer. My blog takes part in the competition? 🙂

  2. Megabass says:

    when is next change to get stuff..
    i have waited already about 600 days to get something…
    i don’t advertise anything. i wait that i get something then i start.
    – i am advertise master –

  3. Max says:

    hey gz,
    got my prizes today 😀
    unboxing soon, can I post it here?

  4. karezma says:

    THANKS , GZ for all your great efforts

  5. Shoha says:

    Ok, we’re waiting..

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