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GZPhoto Details of Contest #3

January 19th, 2015

Hi all! We have something new for you! Details of Contest #3 GZPhoto! Check our sneak peek of it here! Are you excited? Our rules are easy for everyone who want to trying powers in contests and likes have fun! We have a special prizes for you, but now….check our rules!


GZPhoto Contest #3

January 10th, 2015

Hello all! We have a best news for you!

We have already a new, third edition of GZPhoto Contest! Are you happy? Just try to read our rules soon! They’ll appear in next week! But now…more pleasure thing! Just look at the picture! Awesome awards, right?


Hi all! Are you ready? We have new edition of GZBlog Contest #3! We have something new for all of you this time and it’s a big chance for everyone who loves new prizes and fun! One of big awards for best users is…IPODS from below pic! Fantastic! But it’s not end!


Hi guys,

new week is coming, so we have for you great opportunity to get cool gift. How? Try to win it in one of our amazing contest online. What kind of contests do we have for you?

Check it all here:


And here it comes – contest!

January 27th, 2014

Hello GreenZoners,

are you ready for new contest online? Do you want to show us how interested in ecology and environment you are and get amazing free gifts? If yes – keep on reading and show us your talent!

(more…) has an extra gift for somebody … we are repeating rules …

Rules are so easy! Gift is worth trying! Go go go!


Hello GreenZoners,

today we have very important information for GZEcoQuiz winners:

we have gifts for you and we really want to send it to you.

Yes, gifts that you won in GZEcoQuiz, the best game online;).

It means that we need your address and other necessary for shipping data.

If you are on winner list HERE send your address to

As soon as you send us this data, we will send you gift, so be fast:

Keep green!

Hello GreenZoners,

Today we will show you the last one step – last thing you have to do to get an extra gift from

Once more, all steps:

Did you take part in GZEcoQuiz?

If yes

Did you get any prize?

If no….

Did you log to every single day during REDEMPTION of GZEcoQuiz?

If yes – now the fourth step…


So, do you want an extra gift?

January 2nd, 2014

Hi there,

as we wrote HERE few days ago, we have a special gift for somebody. Somebody really special:).

As you know, we will tell you who is this special person step by step. First step is already behind us: we have an extra gift for somebody who took part in GZEcoQuiz.

It’s high time for second step….


The end of redemption

December 27th, 2013

Redemption of GZEcoQuiz finished today.

So, did you win something really amazing? Few players for sure;). What do you think about questions? Too difficult? Too easy? Let us know!

Now it is time to think:  what next in