Do you love bears? Take care about theirs living!

February 18th, 2015

Hi all! Check our last post about solar energy here! Today we want ask you: Do you love bears? It’s time to take care about theirs life and help them best how you are able!

Bears look really sweet and their presence often in zoological gardens attracts million of tourists. But they are also so which are living alone and are suffering because of hunger and adverse weather conditions. It is worthwhile sometimes thinking, what we can do. For many people the life of bear is indifferent and therefore more and more from them they aren’t being seized with the fate and problems they are struggling with which so as adverse conditions to the life, lack of the food or illnesses. Even though worldwide more and more associations protecting these animals still are formed it is market paucity in order to hare oneself with all animals needing help. Everything depends on, whether you will dare and you will help teddy bears to live in better conditions.

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