GZBlog Details of contest #3

January 19th, 2015

Hello Greens! Are you missed for our details of contest!? Check our sneek peak here of it! We hope so! So this time we want to publish our details! Rules are simple, so in our GZBlog Contest main rule is re-post our post but in your language! Are you ready!? Go!

If you want to take part in our GZBlog Contest #3 you must click on the button “Submit your blog” and add your site to our contest!But it’s not end! After all you’ll receive html code to your blog and please use it in your blog! We’ll send this as soon as a possible after when you click green button and after when you add your blog! Your main aim is easy! You should to have on the eye our blog and keep track our post to publish them on your blog in YOUR LANGUAGE! Sounds good? Every time you will add new blog post to your blog you must place the link in our system!If you won’t add them you won’t qualify for the contest, therefore this stage is very important for all our users! The contest is acting on principle as similar as previous contests! Voting for blogs will be soon! For owners of blogs we are expecting surprises! Prizes are greate: iPods, smarthphones, sonywatches,  Greenzoner t-shirts!

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