Ebola – Reasons to fear?

October 26th, 2014

Hello all! Are you interested in our last post about monkeys?? This time we want to give you some informations about ebola. In ancient times the ebola was a universal problem which was also dangerous illness, but had smaller consequences than at present.

What’s interesting, the last case of this illness was made a note only 16 millions years ago! Today the ebola quickly is killing people in many countries and in such situations about the rescue doesn’t have a speech, because for the help is already usually too late. This dangerous virus is nothing else like haemorrhagic fever which is really very strong and without the good antibiotic will be the equal.It is possible to become infected with an ebola through the contact with fruits contaminated with such animals as monkeys or bats which are usually eating. It is they are in a high-risk group of infection with the ebola and are carrying this illness through blood, infecting people. In the West Africa at present the greatest epidemic of the ebola lasts, therefore this place is under the special supervisory body of scientists and experienced doctors. If you are planning a a trip to Africa better he will be how you will dispense with it, because they can she to finish very dangerously.

More info: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/10/141024101220.htm

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