Eco Tips: Toys made of plastic bottles

October 2nd, 2012

Hello Greenzoners! While gzPhoto contest is going, we’d like to share with you some ideas we recently found. 🙂
You can make many different things using just rubbish. This time we’ll show you that you don’t always need to throw away or recycle plastic bottles – you can reuse them, to entertain your children or younger brothers, sisters. 😉
These are toys made of plastic bottles, such as…

Plastic bottle truck


Plastic bottle rocket

rocket or a plane

plastic bottle binoculars

binoculars, or, with using enough colorful plastic material in lenses – kaleidoscope…

decoration plastic bottle

…or fill it with tiny items you no more need, add water and oil and have it as some kind of decoration or a toy for the youngest kids. 🙂

We hope you enjoyed that (we surely did) and we recommend you to see more at 🙂

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