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Living in small villages

August 10th, 2015

Hi there! Did you see our post about pesticedes here? Living in small villages isn’t simple, particularly if there a poverty is appearing and very much it is hard for normal conditions to the life.


Good evening and hello! Another article for you to read – this one tells about the topic of preserving environment and living ecological lifestyle in Moldova, written by Ştirbu.
Author gives some important basic information and then shows some good tips and advice.

Red Book of Moldova
You can read this article here (it’s in english!). 🙂

Have a nice reading. Let us know in the comments what do you think of it! 😀

Hi Greenzoners! We recommend you to watch interesting documentary about water supplies and their quality in United States, directed by Vice, the creator of absorbing, witty and easy to watch documentaries. 😉

To watch go here

Hello Greenzoners, as the future is becoming today, people are starting to exploit renewable sources of energy – new, amazing projects and designs are being created, to save the money on slowly depleting oil and to reduce the pollution of the environments.

Here are some very creative designs that presents modern constructions and homes depending on earth-based energy, such as geothermal energy.

Eco school (more…)

Hello Greenzoners! While gzPhoto contest is going, we’d like to share with you some ideas we recently found. 🙂
You can make many different things using just rubbish. This time we’ll show you that you don’t always need to throw away or recycle plastic bottles – you can reuse them, to entertain your children or younger brothers, sisters. 😉
These are toys made of plastic bottles, such as…

Plastic bottle truck


bottle recycle

Eco Tips: Saving clean air

September 16th, 2012

This time let’s focus on something very important, yet simple. Air. 🙂

Here are some easy ways to save your clean air, especially if you live in a big, polluted city. 😉 (more…)

Ecological cleaners by Wasea

September 10th, 2012

Hi Greenzoners! Did you like the latest Eco Cleaners series? If you liked them, please tell us your opinion about this, that really helps us develop this site and provide with what you need most in blog updates. 🙂

Also, one of Greenzoners, Wasea, wrote and published something more about them on his blog. If you’d like to know more and use that in future, just go see Wasea’s blog:

If you have some even different experiences or ecology-related ideas, just tell us about this, and share. 🙂

Eco Tips: Reusing paper

September 6th, 2012

Here’s some tip about what you can do with a piece of paper you no longer use. If you have A4 page with a printing on only one side, cut it (or tear) into halves or quarters. There, you have a little notepaper with size of A5 or A6… (more…)