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January 13th, 2014

Hi guys,

today we have an important information for all those who really want to join us. We are more than sure that there is a lot of people who are dreaming about it – everybody wants to be in this team: take part in cool contests online and win amazing gifts:).

So yes, here you can do it all, only thing you need is an invitation. And here we have good way to get it…

Dear future GreenZoners!

If you want to join our team try to find on our website and blog this picture:

One “click” is enough to get an invitation:).

See you soon in!

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4 Responses to “Find your invitation to!”

  1. jaimie says:

    Can somebody send me an invitation? I would love to try this out

  2. mega says:

    Can somebody send me an invitation, Plz ?

  3. Michooo says:

    any one send me invitation plz

  4. Antonio says:

    Hola pido que alguien me invite a greenzoner

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