Extra gift is waiting for lucky owner!

January 12th, 2014

GreenZoner.com has an extra gift for somebody … we are repeating rules …

Rules are so easy! Gift is worth trying! Go go go!

Once more, all steps:

Did you take part in GZEcoQuiz?

If yes

Did you get any prize?

If no….

Did you log to GreenZoner.com every single day during REDEMPTION of GZEcoQuiz?

If yes – now the fourth step…

We have an extra gift for somebody who will invite 3 new people to GreenZoner.com.  It is not only about sending an invitation: invited person has to join us and earn first EEP (first log on website).

So, talk with your friend, share our green idea, send an invitations and when they will join us – let us know!

Send an e-mail to social@greenzoner.com.

IMPORTANT: we won’t give our extra prize for somebody who is inviting fake users:(. We can check IP of user, impossible to hide, so don’t even think about it.

EVEN MORE IMPORTANT: as we know there are users who have right to fight for gift.

Maybe we are thinking about you?

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