Green Power Redemption Accounts

January 6th, 2012

Since 02:00 PM gzTime everybody who had actived Green Power Account last week, has activate this account for redemption time, as we promised.

Moreover, anyone who buys premium account now, will get 100 EEP extra (for Grass Account), 300 EEP extra (for Tree Account), 500 EEP extra (Sky Account) or 1 000 EEP extra (Space Account).

Redemption time will start at 03.00 PM. We have a new servers and everything should be all right 🙂

If our serever falid one more time – we do redemption TODAY on other website but everybody should be informed about it – read our blog and facebook page. Today the fastest and brightest greenzoners take their prizes for sure.

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15 Responses to “Green Power Redemption Accounts”

  1. Monti says:

    Great news, everyone!

  2. Timka says:

    good news 🙂

  3. Timka says:

    please fix it:

    Required EEP: 1000

    Winners: Prizes has no owner yet, take it!

    You need (“”””7000 EEP”””””) ??? to get this prize

  4. Timka says:

    redeemed my ipod shuffle! thanks!

  5. Alonsotwm says:

    I never log onto my website any answers about what happened because I could not inisiar session horita not until today when everyone participates by responding porfa awards …….

  6. Morbius says:

    Quero demonstrar minha indignação com o que tem ocorrido com o greenzoner, os prêmios sairam e pra quem foi? não consegui nem a conexão com o site, isto é alguma brincadeira? O aviso diziaque haviam m problemas e que seriam resolvidos era para aguardar alguns minutos, e quando volta exatamente às 4:21PM os premios já sairam, isto não esta correto, quero e preciso de uma resposta pra poder acreditar que não foi usado de má fé com alguns usuarios…

    I want to show my outrage at what has happened to the greenzoner, awards left and to who? I could not even connect to the site, this is a joke? The warning had diziaque m problems would be solved and that was to wait a few minutes, and when back at exactly 4:21 PM the awards are out, this is not correct, and I need an answer so I can not believe that was used in bad faith with some users …

  7. Morbius says:

    I believe I was injured and I think I deserve at least one reason to convince me that I was not fooled … counting on the good faith and honesty of the process … I thank

  8. Max says:

    PSP GO
    Nintendo Wii
    and 2 Nikon Coolpix!!

    thank’s greenzoner!!! ( hope you’ll send them 😀 )

  9. Megabass says:

    i tryet to log in to get some prize.
    tryet and tryet.
    i tryet something i done the task.
    and then i have -494 points… so did i get something or what was that.
    i hope you will consider that what i posted in some blog writing.
    that you leave this kind of redemptions and just made user healthy things.
    and if that one guy got 3 prizes… i consider that cheating

  10. bobby says:

    what the hell is that i was right on time and you guys blocked me from entering when i entered the page it says we will be back in a few minutes. please be patient WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS I WAS RIGHT ON TIME I WANT MY IPOD NOW WHAT BULLSHIT IS THIS

  11. Alex193a says:

    EVERYTIME “503 Error” ç_ç i wanted a prize T_T i bought a premium account for this redemption and i lost my possibility for this stupid error WHY!!?!?!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!?

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