GZPhoto Contest #3

January 10th, 2015

Hello all! We have a best news for you!

We have already a new, third edition of GZPhoto Contest! Are you happy? Just try to read our rules soon! They’ll appear in next week! But now…more pleasure thing! Just look at the picture! Awesome awards, right?

These smartphones can be yours! It’s simple! We have easy-peasy rules! Are you interested to win some new toys for you or friends? Just look at the pic and smile! “Can be me?” Think! For some days we will publish more news about rules of this contest! Read all and be active user on your blog! Your mainly aim is submit your photos based on topic: ECOLOGY  AND ME! Challenge accepted? I hope so…It’s easy than you think! We have more and more prizes! Are you want to know? Okay! We have a Greenzoner t-shirts, ipods, and smartwatches as awards for our best active users! But now….you should  you must have our blog on the eye!  More info soon!

So stay tuned and Keep Green!

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