gzTree, do you know something about it? If you do, get invitations and EEP!

June 24th, 2010

Those of you who know what is the species of first gzTreecontact us!

For first five GreenZoners who will answer correctly, we have prepared 2 invitations extra and 20 EEP.

[23th gzDay] This contest is finished. Correct answer is: birch. Thanks to all who send the answers. Congratulations for five winners.

99 Responses to “gzTree, do you know something about it? If you do, get invitations and EEP!”

  1. maieri says:

    give me invition my e-mail: maieri007@gmail.com

  2. Wuma says:

    it’s birch-tree!

  3. Dee-Age says:

    The Answer is: It’s a Birch tree!

  4. Carlos says:

    is a ABEDUL

  5. Don says:

    Carlos! use contact form not blog :-D. But thanks for answer! hehehe. This is birtch in english.

  6. Zeus says:

    When will be the contest winners displayed? 😛

  7. bapi256852 says:


  8. Daniel says:

    i wanna win the prize 😀

  9. Aluki says:


  10. Federico Montana says:

    It’s a birch

  11. Carlos Airam Hdez Afonso says:


  12. PedroHung says:

    Oh dear lord! I know the name, but I know in portuguese. 😀

  13. LinoOdahir says:

    great! 😀

  14. L30N4RD0 says:

    Aqueles de vocês que sabem o que é a espécie de gzTree primeiro – entre em contato conosco!

    Por cinco primeiros GreenZoners quem responder corretamente, nós preparamos dois convites extra EEP e 20

    Traduzido para Portugues

  15. ernesto says:

    Birch is a tree that reaches heights of up to 30 m. It has white bark and silver. The birch leaves are stalked, heart-shaped base and toothed at the tip. Flowers are unisexual, agglutinated in inflorescence yellow-green suspension. Winged fruits (Samaras).

  16. tosha says:

    it is birch

  17. tosha says:

    where the contact form?

  18. claudia says:


  19. leonardo says:

    it is popular … seems

  20. leonardo says:


  21. luchi_30_96 says:

    It is a ficus

  22. Oleg says:

    I think it is a Birch or pine

  23. Oleg says:

    oh No its not pine, Im confused Birch or poplar

  24. André says:

    it’s a kind of birch, that is common in the northern hemisphere.

  25. fer says:

    is a birch!!

  26. neo says:

    it is birch

  27. Baltazz says:

    Greenzoner is very cool site 🙂

  28. Dani says:

    It’s a birtch? I think yes…

    Good luck to all ^^

  29. ali says:

    please, I want invent my e-mail is:ali_atwa2020@yahoo.com

  30. Pedromenezes says:

    birch *-*

  31. Dober_19 says:

    БЛин ниче не понятно же. что надо делать

  32. lakamora says:

    is a abde

  33. Guilherme says:


  34. josue says:


  35. josue says:


  36. Fábio Sampaio says:

    Very good

  37. raketa says:


  38. Mateus says:

    It was the 1st green tree planted by Zoner

  39. JsCL97 says:

    Is a Birch.

  40. LohanParma says:

    I like this !

  41. kaka says:


  42. willian says:

    is a beatiful

  43. zyznos321 says:


  44. GRZEGORZ says:

    to jest dąb chyba

  45. Dober_19 says:

    МММ понятно бред кароче))

  46. leonterner says:


  47. Zeus says:

    So who are the winners? Will you announce?

  48. youman says:

    The name of that tree is POPLAR

  49. Zeus says:

    OMG, so who are those 5 winners? O.o

  50. Arturs says:

    Its wierd how they say that get to 1000 ep and you can get your prise most people will think soo all i need to do is get 100 eep and get a prise…
    No people its not like that

  51. Lucas says:

    when will have the next prize to disput?

  52. didinopol says:

    send me invitation : dsid007@hotmail.com

  53. valentina says:

    como hago para que me den mas epps traduciendo a español u otro idioma?

  54. valentina says:

    greenzoners planta un albol cada 1000 puntos que alguien acumula y te premia por eso.

  55. Mayrcon says:


  56. sergip says:


  57. williams says:

    Quiero Invitacion: mi correo es williams.leal@hotmail.com

  58. godeRicardo says:

    THAT’S IT !

  59. Trevor says:

    Im guessing the answer is birch. And I’m also guessing I’m too late to win anything. Oh well, I’m still learning my way around the site. Maybe next time.

  60. zo360x says:


  61. Mierd2 says:

    Yay I won 20 EEP and 2 invites!
    Post the winners names!

  62. SpaMer1994 says:

    birtch !

  63. Kpax says:

    Woooooooooooooo!!!its a good idea

  64. neko says:

    si me sabia la respuesta creo que llegue un “poco” tarde

    2 dias despues xD

  65. Kamus says:

    this is a mulberry

  66. cris says:

    this is very good… and yes i know

  67. Daniel says:

    A beech, probably?

  68. Harsh Mehta says:

    Greenzoner rocks i must say.. It is making da world GREENER and GREENER… mah wishes ar all d way with GREENZONER… n ya i hope i get some more xta invitaions n EEP too !!

  69. Dorel says:

    бред не то слово

  70. Diogo says:

    Não tem brasileiros nao?rsrs

  71. DzKiM says:

    OMG ! It’s a Good Idea

  72. aNDRIUS says:


  73. MANOLO91 says:


  74. George says:

    greatings to all!!!!!!!!!!

  75. irina02 says:

    лист берёзы

  76. irina02 says:

    лист берёзы

  77. Dang says:

    Chán thật! Thế là mất toi 20 EEP rồi!!!

  78. Dang says:

    Chán thật !

  79. Gussi says:

    it’s a birch tree

  80. aunz says:

    i love tree

  81. Lucas says:

    The name of the three is POPLAR !!

  82. Armands says:

    Hi,can someone send me invitation to bibis2003@inbox.lv ,thanks!

  83. Patricia says:

    como se consiguen epp

  84. sunny desai says:

    oh,,,,,it is fine

  85. mostafa says:

    like it send me invitation athi0163@hotmail.fr

  86. Jean says:

    Yes i do 😀
    This is one amazing site, help people get prizes
    and help the planet 😀

  87. piacamus says:

    replyyy please

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