gzWeather: first international eco-oriented project have been launched

December 21st, 2010

Over 200 gzDays have  gone and it is the higher time to run first eco oriented project– which we have been talking  about  at the beginning 😀

We gathered quite large crowd here, in gzWorld and the potential is high enough to do this.

We are going to analyse correlation between real (reported by you) weather conditions and your own mood, how you feel weather conditions and the weather on its own.

For each report you will get 4 EEP and you can do this every 6 hours for the beginning.

Tell all your friends  about it and we are waiting for yours reports!

It can be very important for The Earth!

Lets Do Green all together!

21 Responses to “gzWeather: first international eco-oriented project have been launched”

  1. jhoan says:

    wuaoo, this project is very good I like this site because it supports our planet that is the most important part of reward for supporting this very good cause I will let all my friends to actulicen and contribute to this great project. bye greetings from Venezuela

  2. Andruk says:

    Really easy and funny way to get EEP. Congrats!

  3. Yonathan says:

    good! 🙂

  4. darknessangel73 says:

    this is a good idea!

  5. efenix says:

    si quieren!!!

  6. abdeslam says:

    Really easy and funny way to get EEP. 🙂 good

  7. nhantran says:

    I’ve just tell my friend to join Gz and now I have 0 invitation left!!!

  8. realtom says:

    have anyone got their previous redemption prizes.

  9. keej says:

    lol its funny how they keep making projects and not even showing us vedios/live of what they are doing so every body how you like waiting 2 and a half months for your prize its ok right 80 days hahahah eep for what a redmeption that crashs and go sky high but they say on the blog 1000eep is one prize so that should mean every prize so forget u gz lie go brown for spoil

  10. Andruk says:


  11. mazafakaRU says:

    Go in Lockrz.com !!!

  12. irina02 says:

    Administration site grinzoner Merry Christmas to you and happy new year thanks for project

  13. mazafakaRU says:

    When be rerdemption???

  14. didine says:

    When be rerdemption????????????

  15. Eyef says:

    Happy New year!
    С новым годом всех!

  16. Yonathan says:

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! to all and Greenzoner!

  17. v1p1r says:

    Wish u guys a very happy and prosperous new year 2011

  18. nhantran says:


  19. STML says:

    Happy New Years!

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