Keep green! Why is it so important?

January 16th, 2014

We are saying it for years, now we have proofs that we are right: Keep green! Green lifestyle, green neighbourhood for your own good:).

Journal of Environmental Science & Technology published new study: green spaces deliver lasting mental health benefits. So it is really good to live near to forest or park.

Are you one of those lucky people who has view like this?

Research has found that moving to a greener area not only improves people’s mental health, but that the effect continues long after they have moved. So, there is a hope for people who are living now far away from green places – if somebody move there magic is working, you don’t have to spend there whole life. If you are going to move somewhere – choose green area. Moving from green place to place without park or garden near has also big influence on your body and mental health.

Remember: if you want to be healthy – with your body and soul, to avoid stress and problems, move to place near to green. Healthy lifestyle means being a neighbour of mother Nature. Literally.

Keep green, guys!

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