New contest is about to be launched!

March 29th, 2012

Dear Greenzoners! 😀

We introduce to you the newest contest – game, in which for destroying enemies that kills Mother Earth, you can win EEP and even prizes.

Play and save our Mother Nature! 😉

Meanwhile, we remind about updating all of your blogs taking part in Blog Contest. Some of them don’t have the newest posts from Greenzoner Blog and if owners won’t update them, these blogs will be deactivated.

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20 Responses to “New contest is about to be launched!”

  1. wasea says:

    🙂 Let’s wait

  2. Timka says:

    Where is the game? o_o

  3. unreal_man says:

    save our Mother Nature!! :)))expected…

  4. Vlad says:

    Ohhhh.. Well need wait ;0

  5. Saad says:

    Where is the game ?

  6. admin says:

    The game will be published on 671 or 672 gzDay. Now we have beta tests. Game is very cool, and prizes will be unexpected 🙂

  7. XTREMAL93 says:

    Why I can’t vote in blog contest? Is it your first april fool?))

  8. admin says:

    That was joke … but from our server i think 🙂

  9. juliethdiz says:

    joke or not? in my country
    the day of the innocent and step

  10. Dmitriy says:

    So where’s the game?

  11. Igor says:

    When and where I can play?

  12. unreal_man says:

    671 or 672 gzDay, today is 672 Day :(((

  13. Saad says:

    Today is 672 gz day and u said game will be published on 671 or 672 gz day then where is the game? 🙁

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  15. Ilya says:

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