Old drug is already a new antibiotic?

September 23rd, 2014

Hi Greens! Do you want read something more about new article? Here it is for you! But firtst, you should check our last post about insuline and options of lower resistance of this substance here.  If you are ill certainly  you will appreciate such a kindness as medicines. But you rarely realize, around the old pills can originate the new antibiotic.

Sometimes old drugs are new antibiotics. According to new surveys effected by scientists the given medicine for epilepsy can contribute to the creation of very useful series of new antibiotics. Stopping the proliferation of viruses and the bacterium is a main purpose of antibiotics. Very much strong medicines can act effectively and successfully defeat million of bacteria. It is inconceivable power. However even the best medicines are able to lose in strong illnesses, what the antibiotic resistance is also very low by. In order to provide the safety for the mankind fast reacting and defeating viruses are most important with many methods. Only then will manage to achieve desired effects.Perhaps soon will manage also to achieve the considerable progress at medical works on new antibiotics. Medicine incessantly is surprising us suggesting a lot of interesting solutions.

More info is here: http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/09/140922175751.htm

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