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April 9th, 2015

Hi all! Chec our post about rats! Many people are fighting from troublesome and difficult to defeat with headache. Migraines are nothing pleasant and if they too often appear namely that we must do appropriate researches.


About coffee

November 30th, 2014

Hello Greenz! Did you reading our prev post about depression? Today we want to talking about drinking coffee and human’s health. Are you a coffee freak? If not you can imagine the morning for yourself without the coffee it means that you are dependent on it and it isn’t healthy.



November 24th, 2014

Hi all! Did you remember our last post about brain here? Today we have for you something different. Every year he has depression million people worldwide. Check some news about depression below!


All about human’s brain

November 16th, 2014

Hello all green folks! Did you remember our text about living on Mars? The brain is much-needed kazdego of day, but in order to care about his condition we must also sometimes permit him the rest.

If too long we are working we can be exposed on of brain damage or irreversible changes which can contribute even to the end of their life or appearances of many major diseases. Therefore let your brain sometimes rest and provide the relaxation which he is deserving for him.If we want our brain to be healthy and wasn’t exposed to serious illnesses – let us care against him, every day. In this way we will have a guarantee of the perfect health and simultaneously we will avoid serious illnesses.We should also develop the brain in order to be sure, from cannon correctly. Games of all kinds, not to say the music can help us with it.

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Hello all of you Greenz! Do you like lemurs? Today we want to talking about cancer and the newest progress in medicine. New surveys of scientists allowed for uncovering the medicine which could to help people in the fight against cancer.


Hi Greenzoners! Did you reading our last post about drugs? More and more people are giving some thought to the association of bacteria newly coming into existence which can contribute to improve the medical condition of many people and help them fight cancer, which more and more the toll is gathering together.


Hi Greens! Do you want read something more about new article? Here it is for you! But firtst, you should check our last post about insuline and options of lower resistance of this substance here.  If you are ill certainly  you will appreciate such a kindness as medicines. But you rarely realize, around the old pills can originate the new antibiotic.


6 things you can do with lemon

February 9th, 2013

Hello Greenzoners! Lemon is known to be a sour fruit of unpleasant taste.
But did you know how many interesting things can we do with a single lemon? 😉

1. Slice a lemon and put it in your fridge. After that, toss the slices into the glass of water (or bottle) – it will increase the amount of vitamin C that will improve your immune system and help you stay healthy.