Prizes, contests, and your ideas :)

July 9th, 2012

Good very-late-evening Greenzoners! As we are close to launch Best Of contest, we are looking for ideas for new contests.
Also, we are interested in your opinion about the prizes. What kind of prizes would you like to win? What interests you most, what would make great prime and secondary prizes? 🙂

We are awaiting your feedback, as it is very important to us. As our gzWorld develops, we would like to know the needs of its inhabitants. 😀

Keep green!

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17 Responses to “Prizes, contests, and your ideas :)”

  1. khaled says:

    prizes ps3 and psvita and xbox more… ipod touch

    thx greenzoner

  2. SAM says:

    Main Prize : Xbox 360 Or PS3
    Secondary Prizes : Iphone,IPOD Touch,LCD Or PSP

  3. XTREMAL93 says:

    ps vita, mobile phones, notebooks

  4. wasea says:

    The same contests that was in gz583
    Ipod Nano/Touch, Iphone 4/4S, Android Smarphones (HTC or Samsung or Sony), Digital SLR Cameras, some tablets etc

  5. Eyef says:

    i think “Flip UltraHD” will be good prize

  6. Max says:

    I don’t know what kind of contest should be next, but about the prizes – the same type of prizes + some gz stuff, i mean something like t shirts with gz logo or something like this

  7. Kovzan says:

    For me, it makes no sense to do Best of contest, because a lot of games have been played and the winners have to share their prizes. 1st Place – iPod Touch 4 / iPhone 4S, the second – on the Android smartphones, third place – small iPods.

  8. Ilya says:

    Hi gzTeam! I think that the best prizes is Apple production. 1-st place – iPad 2 64GB Wi-Fi + 3G, 2-nd – iPhone 4s, 3-rd – iPod nanoshuffle. And 4-th and 5-th – t-shirts with logo of “Greenzoner”

  9. amangnu says:

    1st place ?
    2nd Samsung Galaxy s3 or Apple iPhone 4s
    3rd PS Vita,

  10. hector1 says:

    instrumentos musicales porejemplo guitara electrica teclados micro ipod etc

  11. Vlad says:

    1st iPad 3
    2st Cool smartphone iPhone maybe…
    3st Mp4

  12. Stas says:

    1. iPhone
    2. PSP

  13. crocodiles says:

    I would like to see as small gifts with the logo Greenzoner. (magnets, cups, key chains, etc). T-Shirts Greenzoner – a great idea.

  14. trancetw says: galaxy sIII

  15. yandexfix says:

    1. Ps Vita
    2. Iphone/Ipod
    3.T-Shirt GreenZoNer.CoM “I love nature”

  16. Ibelai says:

    Apple line.

  17. MIGUEL says:


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