January 31st, 2013

Hello Greenzoners! January is coming to an end and we are finally reaching February. 🙂

How does the winter go? Is it getting colder and colder, or actually, the weather is more pleasant? Tell us!

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7 Responses to “Question”

  1. zTeXy says:

    Actually, the weather is more pleasant: -3°/1°C

  2. eyef says:

    I have not had much cold weather, except for a few days.
    Now warm enough. -1 °C. It very warm winter. But i like cold)

  3. Romici says:

    february every time is colder but at the moment weather are fine 🙂 …
    P.S. Like Summer

  4. soufiane jaafar says:

    i think february will be colder like the usual 🙂

  5. MalcomSparrow says:

    El invierno se trata de que el clima sea Frio
    y hace mucho frio por la noche y por la madrugada aunque en el dia hace mucha calor =)

  6. Yuliya says:

    Il clima invernale,molto vento,pioggia..Di giorno si sta bene e di notte freddo.n

  7. aminovich says:

    i like February , but it’s so hard for a poor family ,so if someone was her neighbor who needs help, do not hesitate to do 😉

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