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EcoNews: Winter is coming

October 13th, 2013

Hello GreenZoners,

we already know what is going on with leaves when autumn comes, but Mother Nature has more secrets connected with autumn and winter. What do animals do when wheather gets colder?



January 31st, 2013

Hello Greenzoners! January is coming to an end and we are finally reaching February. 🙂

How does the winter go? Is it getting colder and colder, or actually, the weather is more pleasant? Tell us!


December 1st, 2012

Hello Greenzoners! Autumn is passing by, and we are getting closer to winter.
Our question is, what the preparation to winter look like in your country? We mean things like preparing the cars and road, gathering wood for heating and so on.
How do you prepare for winter? 🙂

First snow

October 29th, 2012

Suddenly… snow everywhere behind our windows 🙂

What about you, Greenzoners? Did the snow already fall and are you happy with it?


Did you, Greenzoners, know how environment responses to the climate changes?
There was a new scientific breakthrough in recent studies concerning global warming. Plants, especially flowers, were considered “stable” and non-reacting to the global warming. Recently though, researchers at UC Santa Barbara’s National Center for Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) discovered, that flowers are actually affected by slowly progressing global warming.



Result of the contest #3

October 23rd, 2011

Are you ready to know the answer? 🙂