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This is the sandbox tree, but it also has different, more interesing name: “Monkey No-climb” – and that name really fits! That’s because the tree is covered with dangerous thorns, preventing any animal from climbing on its trunk.

sandbox tree (more…)

We give unusual opportunity for all Greenzoners to get hundreds or thousands EEP before Redemption! (more…)


December 2nd, 2011

Inviting friend to greenzoner society is a very good way to gain EEP. For one invitation sent to a person who want to play with us you gain:
– 20 EEP, if you have Free Account;
– 22 EEP, if you have Grass Account;
– 25 EEP, if you have Tree Account;
– 30 EEP, if you have Sky Account;
– 40 EEP, if you have Space Acount!