Posts Tagged ‘biofuels’ has an extra gift for somebody … we are repeating rules …

Rules are so easy! Gift is worth trying! Go go go!


Hello GreenZoners,

Today we will show you the last one step – last thing you have to do to get an extra gift from

Once more, all steps:

Did you take part in GZEcoQuiz?

If yes

Did you get any prize?

If no….

Did you log to every single day during REDEMPTION of GZEcoQuiz?

If yes – now the fourth step…


Totally new contest!

December 30th, 2013

Hi there,

we have one cool gift for free (almost), is here anybody who want to get it:)?


Hello Greenzoners! We’re just after Best Of contest, and now we’re starting another one! 😀
This one is called gzPhoto Contest, and this is a photo contest. What do you need to do is to make a photo, somehow related to the topic of summer, vacation (you can use your holiday pictures!) and so on. In this photo there must be visible Greenzoner’s logo and/or a name. You can do it, for example, by putting stones on a beach, creating the caption: GREENZONER. – we are awaiting the most creative, inventive photos – the more original they are, the better! Remember, it doesn’t have to be only GZ logo or name – you can also put some sentence, proverb, or anything related to Greenzoner. Again – be creative! 😉

Greenzoner shirt

Week Contest soon!

April 10th, 2012

Hello Greenzoners!

We are glad that you liked gzDefender game. It really pleases us, that it gained popularity among you, even though there were some errors in it. We successfully fixed them, but if we missed some detail that doesn’t work… send us an e-mail. 😉

Within a few days we will launch the first edition of Week Contest, during which we will get to know first 50 challengers who will apply for winning free prizes – iPods Touch 4G 8GB! 😀