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Contest: Invitations give away!

November 13th, 2012

Hi Greenzoners! Are you feeling well? 🙂

We have invitations to give away! If you want to invite some of your friends to Greenzoners, you don’t have to worry about lack of invitations anymore. Just do what we stated here:

For the next four days, starting at gzDay 897 to gzDay 901, log in everyday and report weather. Important: don’t forget to connect Greenzoner with your Facebook, so that it is published on your wall, it’s for us to check. 😉
Every person to do so will receive additional 5  invitations to send to his/her friend. And then, stay tuned, because another contest with inviting friends may come quickly. 🙂

Hey there! Do you want to join Greenzoner and win prizes, but you don’t have an invitation? There is a little contest we launched that can open your way to gzWorld. 😉
What you need to do is to like our fanpage on Facebok and write us a message containing your e-mail address and your nick.
First 50 people will get invitations to from us 🙂